Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Could This Possibly Mean Now?

John Calipari promised he would make this team a title contender, but he didn't say it would be this quick. In less than two months, he has managed to single handedly compile the best recruiting class in UK's storied history. Not only that, he made the best recruiting class this year-twice-at two different schools! He has put UK in the articles of many once biased reporters and columnists into believing that UK will be ranked number one and will contend for the Final Four, or even the Championship in 2010. He has restored the Kentucky brand. He wants to take the UK brand to China in order to attract interest from Chinese players. He already has a public relationship with LeBron James, which could help UK economically. He has turned around this program in less than two months time, and the best part is he is just getting started. Rumor is that toward the end of this week and towards the beginning of next week, Coach Calipari will talk to players and certain players might be cut from the team. This will be something to keep an eye on. And also, Jodie Meeks might be announcing his decision to come back soon.

"It's been a long time coming..."

The time had arrived for UK fans. And it came and went in a flash. John Wall committed to UK overnight on Tuesday, which cam every abruptly but it was the decision most people had been expecting. I have been tracking this extremely talented player for the past year and a half and I am extremely excited that he is here, but I never would've expected it 2 months ago. As many experts have said over the past 2 months, the longer the decision had been put off, the less optimistic the chances were for UK. His AAU coach, Brian Clifton, has been in his ear this entire time as sort of a father figure if one chooses that perspective, but he had his own influence on the young man, at time trying to show the media that he might have been swaying towards Duke. He also revealed certain things to the media on his behalf, making it seem as if Wall was mute on the subject or was just under too much pressure to choose a school. It had also been rumored when the talk of Wall to Miami last week heated up that he gave a soft verbal to Miami, but according to him that wasn't the case.
But as I said before, it seemed like Clifton kept a tight lid on everything that happened concering Wall. And it showed at the press conference on Wednesday. The pastor of his church/school told the press that he would only answer a maximum of 5 questions, and it was basically dry and boring the entire time. He did not even sport a UK hat, nor was there even an applause from the crowd of media members, not even a golf clap. Even his face seemed to give off a bad vibe, as if he wasn't confident in his decision. But I know that once he arrives in Lexington, he will feel at home.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John Wall to have press conference

John Wall is scheduled to have a press conference at his high school to announce that he is headed to UK. Coach Calipari has already landed in the area and is expected to head to his high school shortly. The press conference is scheduled for 2 pm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sources:John Wall to Kentucky

It had been confirmed by SLAM Magazine earlier this morning in an article that John Wall had committed to Kentucky. More sources have confirmed this information, I will have more information later on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Midweek Tidbits

Coach Calipari spoke to the public today after not being able to attend Patrick Patterson's press conference on Monday. He repeated of how proud he was to have Patrick back and what he could do for He stated many things about the state of the program, and things he'd like to improve on. Most importantly, he proposed the idea of having BBM (Big Blue Madness)at Commonwealth Stadium in October, which would be a first. He liked the idea of having 70,000 plus people showing up at what would be a record for a basketball practice. He also liked the idea of having some neutral site games with other schools in cities such as Cincinnati, Louisville, adn Houston and splitting the tickets 50/50 so it would be reminiscent of a NCAA tournament game. He said talks are underway with having a home-and-home neutral series and also to renew the seires with Notre Dame. He said that no incoming recruits would face any problems with eligibility. The only situation he did not have concern for was the scholarship situation, since UK is one or two over. He said it would play out over the course of the summer and would still like to fit one more player in there before the season starts.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Patrick Patterson Returns

In a move that wasn't seen by anyone, Patrick Patterson suprised many UK fans and NBA scouts by deciding to withdraw from the NBA Draft and come back for his junior season at UK. It was reported late Thursday night by CBSSportsline that he had withdrawn his name from the draft, but no other sources had picked up this story. On Friday sites such as and other recruiting sites had picked up this story and it was reported later during the afternoon that he was coming back. He said the main reason was to be part of something special at Kentucky. He said after talking about it with parents it was in his best interest to come back. He said he wasn't really looking forward to playing in the pros yet and just simply wasn't that intersted, despite being listed as a mid-first round pick. Coach Calipari mentioned on Twitter that he was ecstatic to get a chance to coach Patrick and thinks he will become a better player throughout the next year. Patrick also wanted to return to get his diploma, because most likely he is graduating in his junior year because he is on a three-year plan. He is supposed to have a press conference on Monday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Duke, UNC Among Those That Are Very Supersticious: Writing Is On The "Wall"

Many recruiting guru's and experts are among those that believe it is a done deal, just a matter of time. All the national columnists and writers for websites such as CBSSportsline, ESPN, and FoxSports believe he's coming. The writing is on the "Wall", meaning that John Wall, the senior from Word of God Academy in Raleigh, NC, is coming to UK. He is the #1 player overall and #1 PG by With the addition of a player like him, UK will not only have the #1 recruiting class for 2009 by far, but will be regarded as possibly the best assembled class in the history of college basketball. He is able to penetrate defenders, and is able to drive and dish the ball well, which well help in the DDM offense, which allows players to take their defenders one-on-one and creates matchup problems for the other teams. He is considered by some to be better than Derrick Rose was in his prime before he entered the NBA, and that is not an overstatement. With Eric Bledsoe also coming, and the additions of newcomers Orton, Cousins, Dodson, and Hood, not to mention Matt Pilgrim, another low post presence, the Cats will be a force to reckon with. If Meeks and Patterson come back, along with Miller who is expected to have a breakout season next year, the Cats will be the best team overall in the SEC and one of the top teams in the country, talent wise of course. If they can play like a team and have that cohesiveness and chemistry that pulls most teams together and makes them from good to great, they will be a team that nobody will want to play.